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What happens to all the missing pets?

Posted: 10/11/2011 | Updated: 10/11/2011

What happens to all the missing pets?

What happens to all the missing pets?

Every year thousands of pets go missing and the sad truth is many of them never find their way back home. Many end up in shelters as a result. Some do find new families but unfortunately many do not and spend the remainder of their lives in these shelters and end up paying the ultimate price. What can I do to help keep my pet safe?

Every pet should wear identification all the time. The truth is that many pets go missing by inadvertantly slipping out the door or getting loose from a backyard. If your dog gets loose without their tag or other form of identification they have a very slim chance of ever finding their way back home.

Types of Identification

There are many types of identification you can use for your pet.

  1. Standard ID Tags – These are basic metal hanging tags that have yours and your pet’s information on them.
  2. Boomerang Tags – These are metal tags that are curved like a boomerang and can be slid onto your pet’s collar or bandana. They do not hang and clang like standard tags.
  3. Microchips – These are tiny transmitters that are embedded under your pets skin. These have to be implanted by a vet or skilled technician. There has been some studies linking microchips to cancer.
  4. QR Code Tags – This may be the new wave of the future. These tags have one of the new QR Codes on them which can be scanned by any smartphone with an app and then links directly to your pet’s information.

More about QR Code Tags

A QR code or Quick Response Code is a relatively new technology. They consist of a 2-dimensional bar code which can be scanned with a compatible device. They were first used in 1994 by the automotive industry but have recently gained popularity because of their ease of use and ability to store lots of data.

How Do I Get a Tag for My Dog

We are pleased to announce our partnership with PetHub, one of the largest networks using this technology to return dogs to owners. They have a variety of options available including their standard tag and collar options as well as some more custom options should you choose. To order your tag or collar visit PetHub's website or see their list of products below.

Pet Hub SmartLink ID Tags

The Pet Hub™ SmartLink™ tag (QR code for dog ID tags) is scannable by Apple™ iPhones, Android cell phones, Microsoft™ Windows Mobile phones, and a host of other smartphones, making it easier for someone to help get your pet back home to you or, in the event of an emergency, see what medications are required or how to contact your vet. As details change, you need only modify your pet's record on your account and the tag remains unchanged. Best of all, there's no activation fee nor annual fee. Once you've bought the tag and placed it on your pet's collar, you're ready to go.

  • Small - 1' in diameter (for cats and small dogs) - Order Now
  • Medium - 1 1/4' in diameter (for dogs under 70-pounds) - Order Now
  • Large - 1-1/2' in diameter (for dogs over 70-pounds) - Order Now

Price: $12.95

PetHub SmartLink ScruffTag Collar

Old technology meets new with PetHub SmartLink Tag technology and DogIDs ScruffTag collar. Optionally include your phone number & pet's name.  When the collar arrives it includes a unique web address and 'QR code' that can be scanned with any Smartphone (such as Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Mobile, and others).Here's how it works: someone finds your pet. They try the phone number and you're not answering. They scan the collar with their phone or type in the web address.  What shows-up are any details you've chosen to enter about your pet, including other emergency contacts (spouse, neighbor, friend, vet, pet sitter, doggie daycare, etc.), important medications, dietary needs, and anything else you think someone rescuing your pup or kitty needs to know. (view our video)Here's why it's cool: because the QR code and web address are both pointing to a free profile about your pet on, you can change important details (contacts, medications, etc.) as often as you like without requiring the physical tag to be updated!

Order Now

Price: $29.95

Gold Subscription

Your monthly PetHub Gold Subscription automatically includes the value and features of the Bronze and Silver subscription levels:Directory of local events and businessesStorage of your pet(s) profile (photos, contact information, medical information, etc.)Automatic notification of local shelters once pet is reported missing. Automatic owner notification when your pet's PetHub SmartLink tag is scanned. Monthly subscribers are enrolled in our automated payment program. PetHub has partnered with PetFirst Healthcare to provide up to $3,000 in emergency health insurance, activated the moment your pet is missing. This subscription provides the peace of mind of knowing if your pet meets with injury while missing, she is covered for emergency veterinarian care.Have more than one pet? When you purchase a Gold subscription, insurance for one pet is included. Each additional pet can be added for only $5 per pet, per year.

Order Now

Price: $4.95 / month

Silver Subscription

The Silver Subscription includes all of the features of our free Bronze subscription plus:
  • PetHub™ Alerts -- emails & faxes to shelters local to where a pet went missing plus notifications to users in the local area
  • PetHub SmartLink™ tag scan notifications -- when someone scans your pet's SmartLink ID tag, you can (at your option) receive notifications in your email
For only $1 additional per month for our Gold Subscription, you can get $3,000 EmergencyFirst Pet Insurance from PetFirst Healthcare. If your animal is injured while missing, PetFirst Healthcare will reimburse you for the cost of your veterinarian bills (less a $50 deductible).

The only reason you shouldn't upgrade to our Gold Subscription is if your pet already has health insurance!

* The Silver Subscription is billed on an annual basis at $47.40/year (an average of $3.95/month)

Order Now

Price: $3.95 / month

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