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saphira's Bio

joined 11/6/2009

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Border Collie
saphira the Chocolate Sable Female Border Collie / Stands 21 inches tall / Weighs 37 lbs / Born 9/9/2006 in north carolina / Lives with mountainman2002 in hood river , OR (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
sofa, monster dog, baby
Came From
shy a little withdrawln
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
being a goof
Favorite Food
oat meal, liver, chicken, beef,
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
on my bed
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
loud nosies, cop cars skate borders shopping carts
saphira's Story & Details
i got her from a breeder in north carolina when she was only 6 mounths old whe was easly spooked over every thing and every noise but i was able to get over the the every thing and every one but not completly and there maybe a possibleaty that she may have a food alergy to but i am not sure

saphira's Puppy Pad

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