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King Rocko Maximus 's Bio

joined 6/5/2008

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King Rocko Maximus
Boston Terrier
King Rocko Maximus the Black & White Male Boston Terrier / Stands 14 inches tall / Weighs 14 lbs / Born 12/30/2007 in / Lives with bantzjr123 in dunkirk, IN (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Came From
Favorite Toy
stuffed animals
Favorite Hobby
playing fetch with tennis balls
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
bacon beggin strips
Favorite Trick
getting shot and playing dead
Favorite Place To Sleep
with the boys or in bed with mom and dad
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
King Rocko Maximus 's Story & Details
WE aquired King Rocko in mid Feb by traveling some 200 + miles to pick him up. He was so adorable my wife knew he was the one as he would not leave her alone. He has become a member of the family as everyone has grown attatched to him. He is currently pretty popular and very busy as he plays mascot for the boys baseball teams. He loves the attention and we love him very much. We've had other breeds of dogs before in the past...but none can compare to the intelligence King Rocko has. He not only caught our eyes he captured our hearts and he is our son and the boys brother

King Rocko Maximus 's Puppy Pad

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