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Colby's Bio

joined 4/17/2010

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Colby the Black Brown & White Male Beagle / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 27 lbs / Born 8/1/2007 in West Virginia / Lives with Pantaloons in Frederick, MD (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Jowls, Colbeagans, Colblitzco, Colbias, Ox, Number 73, Big Rib
Came From
Happy go lucky, friendly, social.
Favorite Toy
Empty water bottles. His rubber squeaky ball.
Favorite Hobby
Shredding his stuffed toys, chewing on his nylabone.
Favorite Food
Dog food. We're trying to control his weight.
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
In his nest.
Favorite Place To Play
The couch, on my lap.
Favorite Place To Walk
The park.
Playing fetch, hunting, cuddling, going for walks, shredding toys.
Mornings, Being disturbed from a nap.
Colby's Story & Details
After my dog Jasper passed away, I knew I never wanted to live without a dog. One Saturday we visited Briggs Animal Adoption Center. When they brought Colby into the room, he immediately jumped on my lap. At that moment, we knew he would become the newest addition to our family. Colby's full name is Colby Jasper Bode Evgeny Platov.

Colby's Puppy Pad

Colby is in obedience training now. We've heard training a beagle takes a lot of patience and hard work. Boy, they weren't kidding. On The Intelligence of Dogs list where they rate 80 breeds from 1-80 (1 being the brightest,) Colby is number 73. So we made up this song, titled "Number 73" (sung in the tune of "It Had to be You." He's 73. His name is Colby. But to me, he's more than a 7, more than a 3. He's 73. 73. A beagle is he and he loves me. He's 73.
by Pantaloons on 4/17/2010 at 11:46 PM

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