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Monroe's Bio

joined 11/28/2010

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Monroe the Red Male Dachshund / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 17 lbs / Born 3/7/2002 in / Lives with shellyvo in Hallam, PA (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Moe Moe, Moe Roe, Roey O, Noodle
Came From
VERY laidback, affectionate, protective, loyal, obedient, carefree, playful
Favorite Toy
A ball or anything that resembles a ball (he will play fetch with rocks if he doesn't have a ball. haha)
Favorite Hobby
Playing Ball
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
"Shake"/"Give 5"
Favorite Place To Sleep
In my arms like a teddy bear
Favorite Place To Play
In the woods at my parent's house
Favorite Place To Walk
Wherever I walk, as long as he can follow, he's happy
Sleeping, Following me around, Cuddling, Playing with balls, Playing with his sister (a Gollie named Aayla), Making nests out of blankets
Anyone that raises their voice at me, he's always been protective of me. Other than that, there isn't much you can do to upset him. He's a lover.
Monroe's Story & Details
My first dog when I was 4 years old was a Doxie named Sugarboy. He had become my companion & I did everything with him as a kid. When I was 13, Sugarboy was hit by car & I felt a huge part of me die. 2 years later my parent's brought home a long haired Doxie named Schnapps for Christmas, but it wasn't the same. I loved Schnapps but I didn't bond with him the way I had with Sugarboy. One day when I was a Junior in High School, I was out an ex shopping (we had remained good friends) & I came across Monroe. There he was, so small & always sleeping...everytime I came to see him, he was sleeping. I remember the first time that I held him & I just knew. The lady at the pet place said that he always showed this crazy energy when I would visit. Of course, I wanted to believe that this was true. However, I was 17 & my part-time job at Starbucks was not enough for me to buy Monroe and pay for all his shots and vet visits on top of it right away. I called my parent's and I pleaded, they said no way. (My dad wanted a female doxie & said I could not bring another male doxie home since we already had Schnapps). In the end, my ex that I had first seen the dog with bought Monroe for me. I had never been so excited & sure of anything in my life, I knew that I could do this. My only fear was bringing him home after my parent's told me "no". That first night, my mom was not a happy camper as Monroe kept whining and barking & waking her up as my sister & I tried to keep him quiet. All my mom kept saying was "wait until your father gets home". When dad came home (he was an over the road truck driver), I had been at school & when I came home & saw his truck in the driveway, I regained the fear I had about being told no but bringing Monroe home anyways, as I had brought kittens home as a kid only to have my parent's make me turn them over to the farmer down the street, refusing to allow me to keep them. I was so terrified that I would have let Monroe down if I had to find him a home because I knew deep down that I was his home & he was mine. When I opened the door to the house that afternoon, there was my dad, sitting on the couch watching TV with Monroe laying on the back of the sofa, wrapped around his neck. My dad never said a word to me about bringing Monroe home. I knew that he had seen in Monroe what I did. Over time, when I would become of age to move out, my parent's would plead with me not to take Monroe, to let him stay with them. I remember when I moved to Columbus, Ohio at OSU & my mom crying...but not because of me, because she didn't want to see Monroe go. She would even send Monroe toys and treats in the mail. He really became a part of all of his. I think my parent's recognized how much Monroe had healed me over the years I had been dealing with traumatic experiences and counseling. The therapy I found in Monroe helped me more than any medication or therapist. I have a bond with Monroe that I could never explain in words. As a pet owner, you want to achieve the ultimate bond with your pet but not everyone is able to get to that point & I am so blessed that I have. I can understand what Monroe needs or wants just by looking at his eyes or watching his body movement & he always seems to know when I need a "hug" or "kiss" the most & he never lets me out of his sight if he can help it. Over the yeras, my friends have brought him dogs & ended up giving them away & all 3 of them told me the same thing, "I really thought that they would be like Monroe". My sister had even come to me asking me if I knew the breeder's name that bred him because she wanted to get a dachshund from him. Monroe has this extraordinary personality that is infectious. I have had numerous doxies over the years and Monroe has had a personality unlike any of what the experts describe a doxie to be. He is almost human in his own right & he has saved my life (literally) more times than I can count. Monroe has a special place in me & is a huge part of who I am. I will always take the story of Monroe with me, forever.

Monroe's Puppy Pad

Hi Monroe & Aayla! You sound like great pets. I wish my do, Tazz, was like Monroe (except the housebreaking).
by dawgluver on 12/8/2010 at 7:38 PM

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