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Big Bowie's Bio

joined 8/8/2011

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Big Bowie
Yorkshire Terrier
Big Bowie the Black Gold & White Male Yorkshire Terrier / Stands Under 5 inches tall / Weighs 7 lbs / Born 1/1/2007 in Memphis, TN 38122 / Lives with yoflomarie1 in Memphis, TN (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Biggie, B, B-BowiEEEEE
Came From
Loving, inquisitive, sensitive, needy but just precious!
Favorite Toy
Black and white squeaky skunk.
Favorite Hobby
Going out in the front yard to "water" the monkey grass.
Favorite Food
Iams, green bag
Favorite Treat
Milk Bone
Favorite Trick
Turning round and round and round and smiling with his teeth showing :)
Favorite Place To Sleep
At the foot of my bed under the covers.
Favorite Place To Play
Out on the deck.
Favorite Place To Walk
Out on the sidewalk.
For anyone to take him out in the front yard around the monkey grass :)
He dislikes anyone leaving the house and not taking him.
Big Bowie's Story & Details
Big Bowie is one yorkie in a liter of three, two boys and one girl. His mother is "Bella", a 4 pound yorkie and his daddy is a 6 pound yorkie. Bella belongs to my daughter who lives with me. This was Bella's third liter and she was a wonderful mother. The owner of "the stud" chose the pick of the liter, the smallest boy puppy and my oldest daughter took the female yorkie. Big Bowie was the biggest puppy in the liter and my daughter was going to sell him, so we didnt want to name him and then it would break our hearts to give him away, so we called him big boy! Well, it ended up that we still have him and still call him Big Bowie, LOL.

Big Bowie's Puppy Pad

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