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Pepperoni's Bio

joined 1/31/2012

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Yorkshire Terrier
Pepperoni the Black & Gold Male Yorkshire Terrier / Stands 6 inches tall / Weighs 7 lbs / Born 12/13/2003 in Fresno, CA / Lives with MelonTea in Los Angeles, CA (United States)


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Peppah Pep Pepperpoo Pepper Dr.Pepper
Came From
Demanding, Sagittarius, Calm, Smart, Grumpy Dad
Favorite Toy
Corn, Pookie, Donut, and tiny cat toys. occasionally hamsters.
Favorite Hobby
Hamster hunting and sleeping. Sometimes tricks.
Favorite Food
Christmas and Thanksgiving, Turkey, Merricks 4 star meals, Lamb
Favorite Treat
Turkey or jerky
Favorite Trick
Play dead and high five.
Favorite Place To Sleep
Unde rthe bed or with the guests. Rarely with mom.
Favorite Place To Play
In my room
Favorite Place To Walk
Doesnt matter as long as its long.
Belly rubs, hunting hamsters, finding things, playing catch me, sleeping under the bed
Puppies and other smaller or bigger more happier animals that want to play with him, not being petted, not beign able to pee on al his favortie spots.
Pepperoni's Story & Details

Pepperoni's Puppy Pad

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