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training my dog for the house

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I have a 8 week old Rottweiler pup,she is so very funny and smart. But when we brought her home on May 30 we started her going outside to the bathroom, she only did it maybe twice in the house and i thought that she was learning fast.But i dont know what has gotten into her now, i took her out she did her business outside i took her that she was a good girl, and it wasnt 20 min. and she stool in her play area. My question is. do you think she is not remember where to go to the bathroom?

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Hello Wandarenee, It is common for young pups to have accidents even after showing signs of being potty-trained. They will be doing well for a few days and then have a day or two where it seems like they lost it all. Just keep with it and be consistent. Remember some puppies do not have full control over their bladders until they are up to 6 months of age. Don't get discouraged and do not punish her after the fact this will only make her afraid to go in your presence. Check out our [url=/Dog_Articles/18/Potty_Training_Your_Puppy.aspx]Potty Training Article[/url] it may help! Best of luck to you Both!

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