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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Border Terrier not eating

Border Terrier not eating

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Hi, I am new to this club and was wondering if anyone could give me some help on my border terrier bitch not eating? She is 11 months old, has eaten well most of the time, although she can be a bit fussy. These last 5 days she has refused to eat anything apart from her coachies (training sweets) and dentistix, but, she doesn't eat the dentistix in her usual excited way. I have tried her on tin food, dry food with my own gravy over it, dry food on it's own, tinned/dry food mixed, she won't even take a bit of biscuit from me, something she has always done with great excitment! I wondered it could be to do with teething? I think she has most of her teeth, but I was asked if she has her back ones? But as you all probably know, getting a Border Terrier's mouth open is no easy task!!!!! Do they have any teeth coming through at 11 months? Also, she keeps dragging herself along on her bottom (she has been wormed from the vets in the last 3 months) she also keeps whinning and then licking herself down below, she had her first season at the end of May, so I don't think it is anything to do with coming into season again, well, I hope not! Any help/advice would be very gratefully received [:D] Ann

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Hello and welcome! Sorry to hear about your problem. I hope she is okay. A sudden change in eating habbits can be a sign of something more serious. I would definitely recommend taking her into the vet if you have not already. The scooting along the floor can be a sign that the anal glands are having an issue. Most of the time they get emptied as a normal process when the dog goes poo but there can be times when they don't which can lead to them getting full or infected. The vet should be able to express them if that is indeed the problem. Some will even show you how to do it in the future if you need to. You can also try adding a little canned pumpkin (just canned pumpkin not the pumpkin pie filling mix) to her food. Most dogs really like it and it can help firm up the stool which can help empty the anal sacks when she poos. Since she is whining I would guess she is in pain and you should probably take her in if possible just to make sure everything is okay with her. Hope this helps! Keep us posted on her progress!

My dog had the same problem,i too him to the vet and he gave some medicines and particular diet for some days.
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Thanks for sharing the infor mation my dog was also facing same kind of problem.
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Hi, thank you for your replies, I have 3 replies on this matter, but can only read 1 of them for some reason?
 I took Ami to her 'Dr' as advised, and her glands were full, they showed me how to sort them out, but most times I don't need to do anything myself.
 I can always tell now when they are filling up, there is a rather nasty 'fishy' smell coming from that area. She mostly uses my carpets to get the job done, but I suppose it is better than having to do it myself!
The eating disorder was due to a phantom pregnancy, very mild then, but the following season it happened again, she didn't eat for a whole week the second time. She is due her third season any time now, she is between 6-7 months each time.
I was thinking of breeding her, I have been told this will help with the phantom's? But I need to find a suitable 'husband', only they are few and far between where I live.
If the phantom's carry on the vets said I might have to think about getting her spayed, but I am hoping it will calm down as she gets older. I don't really want to have her spayed at such a young age, and I would like her to have at least 1 litter.
 I have been told by so many people that she is the best Border Terrier they have ever seen, she is small and very pretty, and lovely markings.
Again, thank you for your replies, and if anyone has had or having the same phantom problem as Ami I would be interested to hear how it worked out.
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The teething maybe one factor but you should go to the vet to have a check. The dog may have other problems. 

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