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Registering your pet

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I have 2 miniture Schnausers. The male was my husbands before we got married. He has papers that say Certificate of Pedigree for a dog registered with the America's Pet Registry, Inc. My husband said he is CKC. We got a female last year and she is registered with AKC. My Bella had 7 all male pups. My question is how do I register them and with who? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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you can only potentially register them with Americas Pet Registry. Since the male does not have AKC papers he is not technically considered a pedigree dog when it comes to registration and being bred with to other dogs. Your male and pups cannot be AKC registered or recognised as Miniature Schnautzers. APR Inc will accept AKC papers for your bitch though as they are a 'pet' registry.
Remember this is only a made up registry, it is not recognised by the FCI who set the international pedigree standards.

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