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A Conscientious German Shepherd Dog Breeder of Rare Imported Lines
Kerschberger Breeds for Canine breed improvement, thus using the Internationally known German Shepherd blood lined Wienerau Dogs. Based on the whole dog, "If its not a working dog, its not a German Shepard". Bred for : "Character Courage and Conformation". Pet Companion Quality or true Working Dogs! Such useful links as: dogs health care, genetics, pack behavior, explain Schutzhund Titling, DNA, Pup Buyer Beware, and ID a good Breeder. History of the German Shepard and the development of the famous Wienerau lines. And so much more! Thanks for joining and visiting.

Dog Pictures
Detailed dog breed information and photographs on over 180 breeds,dog quizzes, thousands of dog names, and much more.

Quality information for over 350 dog breeds.

Miniature Schnauzers Rule is a complete owner's guide to the health and care of the Miniature Schnauzer. An informative and entertaining all inclusive website for the Miniature Schnauzer lover and dog enthusiasts alike.

Small Dogs - Pictures, Videos, Breeds, Toy Breeds, & Small Dog Health
Profiles & Pictures regarding the various types of small dogs including all Toy breeds and much more!

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